Kahepoolse teraga ProfCut saag 240mm Jaapani hammastusega, töötab tõmbele

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• For fine, cross, angle and rip cut
• The pull action allows for a thin blade (0.5 mm) for minimal removal (kerf 0.75 mm) requiring less force
• Extra-fine hard point JT teething on one side of the blade is perfect for fine, angled and cross cut in wood as well as in e.g. plastic tubes
• On other side of blade progressive rip cut teething of a more coarse type is designed to perform when cutting along wood fibres
• The flexibility of the blade makes it possible to perform excellent cuts close to another surface
• Two-component plastic handle ensures a comfortable and safe grip
• PC-9-9/17-PS-B Replacement blade
• Comfortable screwed two-component handle
• Double edge fine cut Pull-saw for fine, cross, angle and rip cut
• extra fine hardpoint, triple edge JT tooth design

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