Tiigersae tera 350mm 5TPI Jaapani hammastusega, 75-200mm okstele

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• Long curved blade with coarse cut for cutting trees and branches
• 350 mm cutting blade length and 5.4 TPI for thicker branches where a quick and coarse cut is required.
• Precision ground, razor sharp JT toothing provides smooth cutting and perfect results
• The curved blade with hardened teeth is flexible but sturdy and durable
• The bevelled ground and set blade concentrate cutting energy to the tooth edge
• Sabre saw cutting with high stroke speed give a fine cut surface on the tree branch
• Suitable for pruning, trimming & gardening, arborist & forestry
• Best performance with 18 V cordless or corded sabre saws
• Universal shank fits any type of reciprocating saw

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